Swallowable Perfume?!


A friend just sent me this link:


Is this the future of perfume?  What does it make you think?  How does it make you feel?

I find this idea to be extremely exciting, and a little scary.  How would this affect your body?  We are accustomed to spraying scent on the exterior of our body, but it feels much more invasive to ingest it and process it via our body.  Would it be safe?  Would it smell good?  Would it be possible to get a sense of the smell before you swallowed it?

When I sent this link to another friend he remarked on garlic’s ability to do this very trick.

Another told me about a perfume called Wode from fashion label Boudicca that comes in a spray paint-style bottle and magically stains the skin an inky blue for 10 seconds after spritzing, and then the stain is gone, but not the scent.  What a fright this might cause the wearer of a white blouse!  I love the magic of this.

I’ve heard of technology going under our skin beyond the already notable medical intrusions; thin digital time displays slid under the skin to make an implant watch, nano-machines able to enhance and alter our bodies from the inside out.  The new frontier.

Some more links:




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