Chocolate Leather

My grandfather owns a chocolate factory in Newark, New Jersey.  He had many sons and one daughter (my mother).  Most of my uncles worked in the factory at one time or another, if not for years – some of them still do.  The best part about all this is that my uncles always wore leather jackets and smelled better than any other humans on the planet.  They smelled of good old worn leather drenched in the deepest, most raw, succulent bitter chocolate imaginable.  I still can’t think of anything much that I’ve ever smelled that beats that combination.

My question is – is there a chocolate leather fragrance out there?  If so, what is it?  If not, will someone make it for me?  For the world!

  1. Sherrie said:

    closest that I can find is Boyfriend (Sephoria carries it) but the search goes on for me too

    • O thank you – another friend recommended this one and gave me a whiff of the tiny bit that was left in his bottle – it is heavenly! It’s on top of my list of desires now… Chocolat Amere by Il Profumo.

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