Mitsouko Live at the Salon

Recently at the Traverse Theatre where I work there was a show on called ‘The Salon Project’.  A remarkable company by the name of Untitled Projects recreated a Proustian-style salon in our largest space, complete with chandeliers and huge mirrors, and dressed the entire audience of 60+ people each night in full period costume.  What a dream!  The audience was treated to a series of provocations throughout the evening, but the real show was the audience itself – dressed, powdered, flowered, bedecked, and made to see itself and to interact in a new/old way.

When I attended, I had the pleasure of smelling Stewart Laing, the genius director/designer behind the Salon.  It was my first whiff of Mitsouko – a fragrance I’ve read so much about but had yet to smell in real life, if you could call a recreation of a 19th century salon real life.  Stewart smelled magnificent.  You can see him in the photo above – he looked magnificent as well.  He’s the one with the red beard and dashing mustachio.  When I think back on it, I can remember the strange, enchanting mix of sweet peaches and moss, flowers and musk… the sparkling lights, the soprano and the pianist’s delicate fingers on ivory keys.

Mitsouko on Basenotes

Mitsouko on MakeupAlley


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