The Silver Fox

The Silver Fox

“On the scent of all things elegant…”

I have put this blog on my ‘best scent blogs’ list in the Scent Library, but I want to make a special post about it as well, as I think it is important.

There are myriad types of writing about scent – from the scientific to the poetic.  Many blogs, thankfully, talk about the different notes in perfumes, the chemistry of prefumes, the effect of the scent on the skin, in the air, and so on.  Some explain the ways scents work, some explain how they are made and some express the tastes of the sniffer.  Not so many bring the scent to life in image.  I think this is what The Silver Fox does.  His writing is a celebration of what scents conjure, of the power they have to dredge up memories from the deepest wells of our soul and to bring our dreams out from their subconscious lairs and into the fresh light of day.  This is connected to why I believe scent is art – it links with the parts of us that are wordless, that seek the means of art to communicate that for which normal words fall short.  One of art’s, especially one of poetry’s, great abilities is the use of metaphor to make new, vibrating connections between words (images, structures), illuminating pathways across the unsayable.  Scent can do this too.

The perfume inspires writing that is art, the writing highlights the artistry of the perfume… an intoxicating relationship.

The Silver Fox’s writing is more akin to love poetry than criticism.  It is also wildly informative and, of course, insatiably elegant.  Do have a read.


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