A Golden Day

What a day!  When I arrived at work there were two packages awaiting me – one with my newest eBay find, an almost brand new bottle of Cuir de Lancome, and one amazing package from my friend Ericka at Gorilla Perfume.  She had borrowed my Lust spritzer at the Scent Event we did at the Scottish Poetry Library recently (see my Icon post for more details) and it hadn’t made it to me by the end of the night.  I felt rather churlish asking her to post it back as she’d already been so generous and given us so many perfumes to respond to – but it was my favourite!  So I did ask, and not only did she send me the spritzer, but also the 30ml bottle and a solid perfume stick as well.  And some gorgeous Flying Fox Sex-Appeal Honey Shower Gel.  It was like an early birthday!

I sprayed the Cuir de Lancome all over me first, and so enjoyed it from the very start.  Citrus, oiled leather, woodsmoke…

At first I kept picturing a well-shod woman having a temper-tantrum in the midst of a gang of grinning cowboys, her expensive boots stomping up and down in the remains of a campfire.  Then the citrus brought me somewhere more exotic – and suddenly I was in the scene in The English Patient when Katherine is telling a story from Herodotus’ histories to an entranced ring of sandy, aristocratic listeners.

I love that scents can do this – can move us through time and space, remind us of beautiful places we’ve been to and works of art that we’ve experienced.

The Silver Fox sent a heads up about the Blood Concept perfumes – another Halloween appropriate fragrance (see my post on Freak) and just as vampirically enticing.  I mentioned this to some friends at work and after talking about smells of blood we got started on the use of civet in perfumes – gentlemen in Victorian times wandering about smelling of fecal matter – and of medieval uses of perfumes for healing and purification.

Also today another friend sent a link to this funny article about having lunch with DBC Pierre in which at one point they talk about Pierre’s protagonist Gabriel not only wearing but even drinking Jicky in a cocktail.

A lot of drinking goes on over the course of this lunch.  Have you ever had any perfume to drink?  Is there any you love so much you’d give it a go?

I can still smell the Cuir on me… gold, gold, gold.


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