Scent and Memory – Empowering and Stimulating

It won’t be on there for much longer but there are a few days left to listen to this very interesting interview with Kate Williams, a perfumier, and a teacher from The Royal School in Manchester about work being done with scent to enable choice making for children who are blind and deaf.  It’s on the BBC Radio Five Breakfast programme (06.00 – 0900) from 6 January and it’s 2 hours 26 minutes into the show.  Thank you Ellen!

Scent is used to distinguish things like strawberry milkshakes so that the children can make selections for their meals, for instance.  What a wonderful idea and use of smells.

One of the points that comes up is how much scent stimulates memory; I have been noticing that the past few days I’ve had the strange experience of random vivid memories from all different moments in my life flashing before my eyes as if someone was flicking through my memory banks with a remote control.  I was worried this was a sign I am about to expire, or that my brain was going through some odd re-cataloging exercise – however now I’m wondering if my memory files are being stimulated by all the intense smelling I’ve been doing lately.

I wonder if there is any work being done with scent stimulation and Alzheimer’s or Dementia sufferers?


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