JUS Perfume Interview No. 5 – Gianluca Scarcella, Manager at Avery Fine Perfumeries

JUS perfume interview



Your name – Gianluca Scarcella

Your work –  Manager at Avery Fine Perfumeries

  1. What first attracted you to the world of perfume / scent / fragrance?

I think it all started down to personal hygiene. Everyone should smell good! A man that smells good raises the attraction factor for most women. I think it’s embarrassing to tell someone that they smell bad, it’s important that they know it themselves.

2.         What perfume would you rescue from your collection if an evil perfume tax collector came round and said he was going to take every scent but one?

“Duro” by Nasomatto.

  1. If you won the lottery, what would be the first perfume in your shopping bag?

“Versilia Platinum” by Profumi Del Forte.

  1. If you could only wear one scent for the rest of your life, what would it be?

“Roma Imperiale” by Profumi Del Forte

  1. What is a smell, or combination of smells, you wish was a perfume that you’ve never come across in any bottle before?

Adhesive glue

  1. Can you describe a moment of passion or poignancy in your life linked to a scent?

This is a tricky question, on one hand I do not have a good memory, but I remember my grandmother wearing a powdery perfume, now every time I smell something powdery like talcum powder, it reminds me of when she used to visit our house.

  1. What is your earliest memory of perfume?

The smell of my grandmother’s bedroom.

  1. Is there a perfume you wore in the past that you no longer wear, and why?

One of the perfume’s that I wore in past was Kenzo Homme Boise. It is a very sophisticated perfume, the only reason that I’m no longer wearing it is that I’ve been told by many people that it is not the perfect perfume for me.

Another fragrance I used to wear is “Sculpture” by Nikos, now no longer available.

  1. Is there a particular figure or house in the world of perfume that you admire, and why?

Robert Piguet is one that I admire the most. One of my favourite fragrances is “Futur”. It is a green floral woody fragrance – for those who like to stand out in the crowd.

  1.  Is there any art (literature, poetry, theatre, visual art, music, etc.) that you have experienced that uses scent in a provocative or beautiful way?  If not, can you think of an idea for scent in art?

Andrea Maack Parfums –  Iceland’s first fragrance house. Andrea Maack is an artist whose artwork: line drawings and sculptural dresses have been interpreted into fragrances. This was an idea that came for a gallery installation and has since evolved into a fragrance brand. Her scents are very distinctive and interesting. I love them all.

Have a look or a sniff round Avery next time you’re in London, or online!


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