Cabotine and “Delicious” Chocolate – To Keep or To Sell, That is the Question

I recently got a bottle of this perfume – Cabotine de Gres – at TK Maxx for £11.  I had a quick look at the perfume boards on my phone while I was in the store and saw some good reviews, so I picked it up and took it home.  Then I read Luca Turin’s rather damning review: ‘nasty floral’ in short.  People were describing it as having a sharp green opening, and then warming up with a raisin-y note.  I sprayed it on and it reminded me so much of something from my childhood – I must have smelled it on someone when I was young or something very similar.  From the point of view of it reminding me of something nice from my childhood, of something like my first notion of perfume, I really enjoyed it initially.  My boyfriend said it smelled acidic, but I persisted and enjoyed smelling the raisin-y note an hour or so into wearing.  That afternoon another perfume arrived in the post – “Delicious” Chocolate by Gale Hayman (I find it funny that the delicious is in quotes).  By then I wasn’t really noticing the Cabotine anymore, and I sprayed one wrist with the Chocolate perfume which was really gorgeous – sweet cocoa and warm, fruity tobacco; tootsie rolls and chocolate flowers.  Suddenly, smelling my other wrist, I could really make out the Cabotine and in comparison is smelled incredibly ‘trite and acid’, as described by Luca Turin.  After smelling it next to the Chocolate, I had to sell it on eBay as I couldn’t bear it anymore – all i could smell was that biting acidic note.  All this made me wonder if I really do prefer sweeter perfumes, as most of the ones I really love are somehow sweet; either white lily sweet and spicy or dark, musky sweet.  Anyway, thank goodness someone else wanted it – I love that I can pick up a perfume, try it out and sell it on if I don’t like it.

I’m still not convinced “Delicious” Chocolate is a keeper – in a way it is great – chocolate flowers! – but it also really reminds me of another perfume; Exclamation by Coty, that a friend of mine used to wear when we were teenagers.  It reminds me of my early nineties adolescence in a way I find slightly disturbing.  However, after a long day of wearing Chocolate, my boyfriend hugged me and said, mmm, you smell good – always a positive, and it has the best bottle; super Hollywood bling with a big gold cat on top.  Hmmm, maybe I will hang on to it!

“Delicious” Chocolate really conjures a certain sort of outfit as well – shiny gold leggings, skyscraper high black patent heels, a leopard print blouse, red lipstick, and blonde hair sprayed into some sort of bouffant.  I don’t wear this particular outfit when I’m wearing Chocolate, but I like that it suggests this for me, it fulfills some sort of Lana Del Rey, trailer trash cum superstar fantasy that I can’t quite let go of.  Most perfumes conjure a look or outfit for me – do you get that?

Isn’t it interesting how our appreciation of a scent can be so linked to our memories and experiences.  Have you ever found yourself liking (or disliking) a scent because it reminded you of something or someone?


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