I haven’t posted in ages, mostly because I realised I was obsessing over perfume and spending too much money buying all the perfumes I wanted to smell. It’s tricky that, being so interested in something that you really need to physically experience to appreciate properly, but not being able to access it unless you have the cash!

I’ve been trying to follow the advice of my new favourite Internet guru Anna

.20130408-193518.jpg of And Then We Saved because she is SO cool and beautiful and she has so many great ideas about saving and spending. I have a lot of debt that I’m trying to pay off, having worked at humble arts jobs for a long time and having a penchant for taking holidays and buying clothes, makeup and perfume on my credit card… Eek! So I’ve been trying to follow the Spend Fast and to spend no money at all except for absolute necessities, and perfume doesn’t seem to come under that heading, sadly. Well, if I ran out completely I could probably justify buying some more, but I probably have enough in my closet to last me at least a couple of years. And my friend Lilias at work keeps giving me half empty bottles of Guerlain perfumes that she’s decided she doesn’t like enough, lucky me! But I still find it so hard to read about beautiful perfumes and not be able to smell them! I guess that’s the joy of samples when you can get them.

I am, by some glorious chance, on the By Kilian mailing list which means that every couple of months I get sent a padded envelope from France with a beautiful embossed piece of print and one or a few exquisite perfume samples inside. Amazing!

Anyway, I guess it’s all about balance. I haven’t done very well at all this month with my Spend Fast as first I watched Project Nim on iPlayer and decided I couldn’t bear to use products that have been tested on animals if I could possibly help it, so I searched everywhere for cruelty free products that might be good for my skin and decided to try Paula’s Choice new natural range. I’ve always loved her products and it’s great to know that they are cruelty free and that there’s a really natural line available now. It all made me wonder if any of my perfumes are tested on animals… something I’ll be checking for in future!

Well, that cost a pretty penny, and then I had some bills to pay, and then I found a few clothing items on eBay and in a pop up shop that I couldn’t seem to resist (one is a dress with tiny horses on it!). And voila, I’ve gorged rather than fasted! I feel like an alcoholic that’s fallen flat off the wagon onto my face.

Ah well, I guess I just have to start again next month. It’s great to have goals!


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