My name is Jennifer Williams.  The name I use when publishing is JL Williams.  Poetry brought me to perfume, but now they are inextricably linked in my mind.

Scent means different things to different people.  For some it is what draws them to (or frightens them from) food or wine, for some it is what they bathe in and wash with, for some it is what flowers emit, for some it is something to shy away from, for some it is something to inhale.

I have found that the more I talk to people about scent, the more I realise it is a topic many have strong views about and are excited by.  Scent is a sense that we can (almost) all relate to, and one that helps us navigate the world, but also one that is often overlooked in education, in the arts, in literature, in the news and when we’re getting ready to go out in the morning or evening.

There are already a number of exquisitely beautiful and informative web sites, blog sites and books available to help open the door to the world of scent.  I would like to use this place,, as a gallery and platform, a scent library and resource, a map that links to many of these fascinating resources so that those with a burgeoning or burning interest in scent have even easier access to them.

I am first and foremost a poet and a collaborator and I hope that JUS will be a portal through which to make use of my skills in these areas by meeting a community of people who appreciate the power and beauty of perfumes and all the artistry and expression inherent in them.  It is important to me that scent, and by this I especially mean the creation through chemistry of mixtures of synthetic and natural ingredients that can be applied to (or ingested via) the human body, be more widely recognised for the art that it is, and that perfumers, both the noses and the chemists who make it possible for us to smell so good, become better known for their remarkable talent and hard work.

This is also a chance to celebrate and encourage the work of the many experts and scent lovers out there writing about, researching and sniffing out the myriad fragrances available today.

If you would like to work with me, or to share your love of scent with me, or to get involved in scent-inspired writing, artwork or performance, or to submit a scent-inspired poem, photograph, painting et cetera, or to share a link with me that might be featured on this site, please contact me at:


Jennifer / JL Williams – Scent Poet

I also work as the Programme Manager at the Scottish Poetry Library, and can be reached there at

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