Scent Art

I so wish I could go to this! The Art of Scent

A few events seem to have tickets left so if you’re in the area, do go…


Love books?  Love perfume?

My friend Lilias just sent through this: Paper Passion.

I want to smell it!

Recently I got a small bottle of Comme des Garcons 2 which I adore – it’s meant to smell of Japanese calligraphy ink.

Having never smelled Japanese calligraphy ink, I can’t say if it’s an exact match but it does smell completely gorgeous and makes me think of scribes copying out texts in a temple while incense burns and paper walls glow with the heat of candles.

I think these would make an excellent pair for a poet who loves perfume!


Exciting news…  my friend Ali is teaming up with me to (fingers and toes crossed) bring you the JUS Scent Art Festival in Edinburgh, February 2013.  We’re currently working on many bits and pieces (like trying to get some funding) in order to get this off the ground, but I will keep you updated as hopefully it will happen and you will be able to come check it out!

If all goes well, we’ll have a perfume trade fair, tons of art installations and performances based on or inspired by scent, master classes, panel discussions and a poetry reading.  If you have any good suggestions for sources of funding, sponsorship or want to get involved in some way, do get in touch.

Yesterday we purchased a domain name for the festival’s website, so as soon as that’s up and running I will post it.

Super scent fun!


July 2012 Note:  The Scent Festival is on hold at the moment, but we have high hopes for the future…  if you have any good ideas about scent events or how to help make the festival come to life, do get in touch!


Very interesting article on scent and art – thanks Kate!

Scents and Sensibility

To quote, “Contrasting this collaboration with the more traditional artist-fabricator relationship, Raymond explains, ‘Usually you are working with things you can see and touch. In this case, we were working solely with language, and a very subjective language at that.'”

I love the idea of scent as language… perfect!

Also the idea of scent being a kind of art that can physically enter into the body, more pervasive perhaps than an image or a thought entering the brain.  Another way to touch.